Attorney General proves BirdLife Malta right on finch trapping

(Birdlife Malta, February 14, 2017)

If there was any doubt that there is no justification for finch trapping in Malta and that the derogation from the European Birds’ Directive runs counter to EU law, this has now been made clear by none other than the Attorney General (AG) himself who is supposed to be leading the defense on behalf of the Maltese Government in the legal case initiated by the European Commission against Malta in 2015, which will be heard tomorrow at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.
As was revealed by a local newspaper last Sunday, instead of defending the Maltese Government’s arguments, the Office of the Attorney General is not in agreement with the position adopted by the Government and is warning the Government that it cannot win the bird trapping case as it stands no chance of successfully defending the derogation in court.

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