Is it “pure speculation”?

(Birdlife Malta, February 15, 2017)

In its reaction to BirdLife Malta’s press conference and to last Sunday’s revelations in the media about the Attorney General’s (AG) diverging views on the finch trapping case which is today being heard at the European Court of Justice, the Government yesterday described what was revealed as “pure speculation”.

Apart from this, the Government categorically rejected the claim that it ignored the legal advice by the AG who is supposed to be leading the defense on behalf of the Maltese Government in this legal case, but instead is not in agreement with the position adopted by the Government. The Government’s press release even goes further to allege that this is a last-ditch attempt by BirdLife Malta at influencing the proceedings of the European Court of Justice.

But the reaction published yesterday by Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes was immediately rejected by the new facts published in another story in today’s issue of MaltaToday. The newspaper published details which confirm that the AG’s office had warned the Government that should it plough ahead with the application of the trapping derogation, it would be doing so contrary to its express and consistent legal advice.

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