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The tiny corner of Asia where an Endangered songbird is thriving

(Alex Dale, 23 Feb 2017)

But unfortunately, it’s this same rich, powerful melody which is threatening to silence the species forever. As we reported during our 2016 Red List coverage, keeping songbirds as pets is an integral part of South-East Asian culture. In Indonesia in particular, streets are lined with chirping cages, and songbird contests are big business.

But as the streets grow louder, forests are falling silent. The widespread trapping of wild songbirds to meet demand for local bird markets, is driving many species endemic to the area towards extinction – with the prized Straw-headed Bulbul one of the more badly affected.

“Across much of Southeast Asia, the Straw-headed Bulbul has been relentlessly trapped from the wild to be later sold in the bird markets of Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia,” says Yong Ding Li from The Australian National University. “The bird has gone extinct from Thailand and most parts of Indonesia where it used to be found, including the whole island of Java. Its populations have also collapsed across Malaysia.”

Check out its song in the video below:

However, there is one small haven where the Straw-headed Bulbul’s presence isn’t just stable, but actually growing louder: Singapore.

This is according to findings from a recent study led by Ding Li, and published in the journal Bird Conservation International. The study saw authors from The Australian National University and Nature Society (BirdLife in Singapore) gather data from more than 15 years of the Annual Bird Census, a yearly bird survey organised by Nature Society.

The result was an encouraging discovery: wild populations of the Straw-headed Bulbul have steadily risen in Singapore over that time period, and the country is now something of a global stronghold. Indeed, Singapore might now harbour more Straw-headed Bulbuls than anywhere else on the planet.

The increases were not noted on mainland Singapore, however, where populations merely remained stable – although given the Straw-headed Bulbul’s plight elsewhere, even this is a big win. Rather, the increases were documented on the small island of Pulau Ubin, situated north-east of mainland Singapore, and one of the country’s last remaining rural areas. Here, the species’ population increased by nearly 4% a year.

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25 Of The Rarest Birds You Might Have Never Seen

(Petr H.  28 January, 2017)

Chances are you’ve probably never seen some of the rarest birds in the world and you are not alone. There approximately ten thousand different species of birds. Some of them are very common, in fact you probably see them every day. Other birds however are not so common to the point that they go unnoticed for years at a time. Today´s post is dedicated to birds that are so rare, few people have ever even seen them. From the giant ibis and the California condor to the Ruppell´s vulture, learn about these incredibly rare birds with these 25 Of The Rarest Birds You Might Have Never Seen.

As an example from the article you see the Honduran Emerald. Found only in Honduras, the Honduran emerald is a small species of hummingbird. Living in subtropical and tropical forests and shrub lands, the Honduran emerald is seriously threatened by habitat loss and deforestation. The only area where it is locally common is in arid thorn forest and scrub in the upper Rio Aguan Valley in central Honduras.

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Svarthalsade trastar på fågelmatningar

(Birdlife Sverige, 2017-02-13)

Under den senaste månaden har fem svarthalsade trastar observerats på fågelmatningar runt om i landet, från Västerbotten i norr till Skåne i söder.  Två av dem, en i Växjö och en i Baskemölla, rapporterades så sent som i helgen på Artportalen. Svarthalsad trast häckar i den sibiriska taigan, men dyker regelbundet upp i Europa och Sverige under höst och vinter.

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Europas första tundrasparv upptäckt i Sverige

(Erik Hansson, Natursidan, 2016-11-12)

Strax söder om Staffanstorp i Skåne upptäcktes vid lunchtid lördagen den 12 november Sveriges och Europas första tundrasparv av Simon Fors. Fågeln kunde fotograferas och lockade dessutom ivrigt. Den sågs under hela dagen av ditresta fågelskådare och sågs även under morgonen den 13 november.
Tundrasparven lever i norra Nordamerika och flyger om vintern söderut i USA. Den anses ha ett väldigt stort utbredningsområde och är enligt IUCN ”livskraftig”. Förhoppningsvis gäller det även den individen som flugit fel och hamnat i Sverige. Fågelskådare som åker dit uppmanas att ”parkera med förstånd” då det är ”ganska svårparkerat”.

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