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  1. Researchers investigate how songbirds teach themselves songs
  2. Eagles migrate through bad weather to arrive in time to nest
  3. “Stop the Killing”: Lebanese President speaks out for migratory birds
  4. Birding Cuba, or Observación de aves en Cuba
  5. Conserving the natural grasslands of South America
  6. First week of spring hunting takes its toll on protected species
  7. Everyone Called This Bird a Narcissist, But Really It’s Just Misunderstood
  8. Zimbabwe’s life-giving wetlands saved from cluster home fate
  9. One quarter of Bangladesh is safe from recently exposed vulture-killing drug
  10. 7 Things a Uganda Safari Taught Me About Birding Back Hom


  1. Tranrekord och unik örnattack vid svenska fågelsjöar
  2. A New Look at Altitudinal Migration
  3. How Reliable Are Traditional Wildlife Surveys?
  4. Ntchisi – Malawis siste regnskog
  5. Is protecting threatened birds easy peesie? No, but a new project brings hope to important area
  6. Why do guillemot chicks leap from the nest before they can fly?
  7. Spring hunting season now open; birds flying towards their breeding grounds should be protected not killed
  8. Andean Gull ~ Cusco Region, Peru
  9. Carnage in Victoria’s wetlands
  10. Vultures need you


  1. Livestock grazing effects on sage-grouse
  2. Non-breeding ravens live in highly dynamic social groups
  3. Research work on peregrine falcons inspires future aircraft technologies
  4. A light of hope for seabirds
  5. Watch Thousands of Sandhill Cranes Lift Off From the Platte River at Sunrise
  6. Endangered ibises benefit from joining egret flocks
  7. Research teaches machines to decipher the dawn chorus
  8. Winter sets up breeding success: study
  9. Study reveals new insights into the dining habits of toucans
  10. In life, ivory gull draws crowd—and in death, will contribute to science


  1. Använd fågelarter som landskapsindikatorer för skyddsvärd skog i nordvästra Sverige!
  2. Antarctic penguin numbers double previous estimates: scientists
  3. Avian Gems of the Caribbean Foothills
  4. New Study Supports the Rarity and Limited Range of a Kauai Endemic Bird
  5. Wild Birds an Unlikely Source of Costly Poultry Disease
  6. Mapping the world’s most threatened bird habitats
  7. The Long-billed Forest-warbler, endemic to Tanzania, is thriving in its natural habitat.
  8. Look at These Sweet Bald Eagles Protecting Their Eggs From the Snow
  9. Scientists analyze dispersal of parasites by birds in the Americas
  10. Illegal bird trapping levels remain tragically high


  1. In times of plenty, penguin parents keep feeding their grown offspring
  2. Seabirds encounter natural changes in the ocean environment
  3. Common Cuckoos can distinguish the calls of their neighbors from a stranger’s
  4. Now is the time to build a brighter future for our seas
  5. The hunt for the world’s only alpine (and carnivorous) parrot
  6. Why we need to protect the Ngaruroro River
  7. Baby Ospreys Now!
  8. Caribbean Against Wildlife Smuggling
  9. Pin-tailed Sandgrouse
  10. Stressed seabird parents think only of themselves


  1. California Condors Could Soon Soar Above the Redwoods Again Thanks to One Local Tribe
  2. Around the World in 15 Cranes
  3. Birds Evolve Their Behavior Without Changing Their Bodies: The Case of Australia’s Honeyeaters
  4. Can we bring vultures back to Thailand?
  5. Laguna Mar Chiquita will become a National Park
  6. In a Flashy Species, Drab Young Males Find Their Own Route to Success With Females
  7. Study of woodpecker social groups sparks debate
  8. Scientists Track, For the First Time, One of the Rarest Songbirds on Its Yearlong Migration
  9. Good news for a Friday: the recovery of the stone-curlew and other animals…
  10. Curlews in crisis?


  1. Fly-over states matter when understanding – and saving – birds
  2. Snowy Owls Aren’t Starving: Two Canadian Farmers Help Bust a Pervasive Myth
  3. The importance of grasslands in South America
  4. The Factious, High-Drama World of Bird Taxonomy
  5. Cannons, lasers, drones: New hope to save birds at toxic pit
  6. The Gawky Guillemot
  7. Birding Lakeview Drive Ponds, Paradise Island, New Providence, Bahamas
  8. Birdwhisperer Andris
  9. Fåglar behöver aldrig motionera
  10. These turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life?


  1. Young African penguins are dying because they can’t find the fish they need
  2. Will the pink flamingos of Africa lose their “toxic” paradises?
  3. Sanetti Plateau…The World’s Best Commute?
  4. The Raptor Situation in Costa Rica
  5. White wading bird study
  6. Abundant fish draw 1 million penguins to Argentine peninsula
  7. RSPB’s newest reserve is an island paradise for birds
  8. 100 000 times more Greater prairie chickens only 150 years ago
  9. In a Hotter World, Desert Birds Will Face a Much Higher Risk of Dehydration
  10. Disentangling the cause of seabird deaths in South Africa


  1. Regeringen ägnar sig åt “greenwashing”
  2. AviFauna skyddar svarttärnor och saxnäbbar
  3. Help us tackle illegal killing of migratory birds in Turkey!
  4. Basin Plan under attack
  5. Political promises preferred to scientific facts
  6. Twelve-year action plan to save vultures
  7. Behold the Cactus Wren!
  8. Study of songbird migrants demonstrates the importance of temperature in the decision to begin migration
  9. Watching birds near your home is good for your mental health
  10. Stormy times for tiny seabird?


  1. Möte med lappugglan
  2. Songsters of Singapore: An Overview of the Bird Species in Singapore Pet Shops
  3. 25 Of The Rarest Birds You Might Have Never Seen
  4. Flying on Fumes: How Birds Meet Their Oxygen Demands at High Altitude
  5. The tiny corner of Asia where an Endangered songbird is thriving
  6. Winter Light
  7. Secret Valley Herons
  8. Japan is home to one third of all seabirds – so we mapped its waters
  9. Impact of climate change on mammals and birds ‘greatly underestimated’
  10. Those who help each other can invade harsher environments


  1. Is it “pure speculation”?
  2. Researchers investigate decline in South Africa’s forest-birds
  3. Estimates are in: 25,000 seabirds die in southern cone fisheries every year
  4. In India, Two Brothers Are Saving Black Kites from a Surprising Foe: Paper Kites
  5. How Will an Arctic-Breeding Songbird Respond to Taller Shrubs and Warmer Temperatures?
  6. Combined count data reveals shifts in hawks’ migratory behavior
  7. Birds follow green spaces to move between feeders
  8. How birds keep their feathers fresh when water is frozen
  9. British Barn Owls still struggling to adapt to modern life
  10. Winter Berries for Winter Birds


  1. Will climate change leave tropical birds hung out to dry?
  2. Bird Watch: Some birds adapt diets to season, location
  3. The birds that fear death
  4. Wood Thrushes Connect Bird Lovers Across Borders
  5. Snösiska ej längre egen art
  6. Svarthalsade trastar på fågelmatningar
  7. Songbirds divorce, flee, fail to reproduce due to suburban sprawl
  8. Ny studie av gäss i jordbrukslandskap
  9. One to Watch – Iiwi on the decline?
  10. Attorney General proves BirdLife Malta right on finch trapping


  1. High Mercury Levels Pose Another Setback for Arctic Birds
  2. Arctic-Breeding Shorebird Populations Are Plummeting, with No Single Culprit
  3. Det stora fågeläventyret
  4. Hitting the right notes
  5. Vindkraftverken dödar rovfåglar! SkOF protesterar mot fågelmassaker
  6. Europas första tundrasparv upptäckt i Sverige
  7. New study doubles the estimate of bird species in the world
  8. Birds flying through laser light reveal faults in flight research
  9. With climate change, not all wildlife population shifts are predictable
  10. Hundreds of Tufted Puffin Deaths Suggest Dangers of Warming Seas